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Carbon polygon

The strategic goal is a transition to a sustainable development trajectory with low greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonization of economic sectors through technology modernization, and an increase in the share of greenhouse gas sequestration to achieve carbon neutrality. The purpose of the test site is to implement a set of measures aimed at developing scientific, human and infrastructural potential in the development and testing of technologies for controlling the balance of climatically active gases of natural ecosystems in specially equipped areas of the terrain.

Waste and Recycling

Our university was one of the first in the city to start organizing the separate collection of municipal solid waste. Cardboard and paper, plastic bottles and packaging, glass and metal cans, batteries and lamps - everything can be recycled by placing waste in colored containers on campus.

Collection actions recyclable materials

Take part in the recycling campaign and win a prize from the university!

Waste paper collection promotions

Paper Boom and Paper Reload: Recycle your paper and save the trees.

Battery collection promotions

Batteries are hazardous waste! Hand over batteries for recycling and participate in the competition.

Energy efficiency

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Water saving

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